Top 20 Super Hot Korean Girls Of Our Time

The Korean Peninsula is a region in East Asia. Its Island includes Peninsula, Jeju Island, and several minor islands. It is bordered by China to the northwest and Russia to the northeast, separated from Japan to the east by the Korea Strait and Japan (East Sea). Korea has different kinds of sexy women. From energetic to hardworking and beautiful, Korean girls combine several skills into a package of one beautiful being.

Top 20 Super Hot Korean Girls Of Our Time
Top 20 Super Hot Korean Girls Of Our Time

Top 20 Hottest Korean girls

Choi Sora (Model)

Choi Sora

Choi was born on September 5, 1992, in Bucheon, South Korea. The 28-year-old sexy Korean girl first made waves on the third edition of Korea’s Next Top Model. She rose to fame after her appearance on the Louis Vuitton Cruise runway in 2014. In 2017 alone, she walked over 50 shows around the world.

She’s worked with top designers globally, like Vera Wang, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, etc. 

Jang Yoon-Ju (Model/Singer/Actress)

Jang Yoon-Ju

Yoon-Ju was born on November 7, 1980. However, she is still her old self, always looking peng, sexy, and alluring despite her age. A hot Korean mother of one, Yoon-Ju is a Model, Tv presenter, singer, songwriter, and actress. Yoon-Ju was 17 when she began her modeling career and was focused and resilient.

Yoon-Ju became one of the most successful Korean fashion models, with a career spanning almost two decades. She also won Best Radio D.J. at the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards for KBS Cool FM’s Rooftop Radio. In addition, as a singer-songwriter, Jang has released two albums, Dream (2008) and I’m Fine (2012). 

Kang Ji-young (Model/Actress)

Kang Ji-young

Kang Ji-young (a.k.a, J.Y.) was born in Paju, Gyeonggi, South Korea, on January 18, 1994. However, this beautiful 28-year-old sexy South Korean singer and actress is based in Japan. She is also a former member of the South Korean girl group Kara. J.Y.’s strong dedication to her career brought her into the spotlight.

Jiyoung began working with SweetPower, a Japanese agency, as an actress and model in 2014. Her first stint in acting was her role as Yukime in the action film Hell Teacher Nube. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 83rd Drama Academy Awards.

Go Ara (Model/Actress)

Go Ara

Go Ara is a hot Korean girl born February 11, 1990, in South Korea. 

She is an actress and model best known for her role on the television series Sharp (2003), Heading to the Ground (2009), Reply 1994 (2013), You’re All Surrounded (2014), Black(2017), and many others. She has been active in the entertainment industry since 2013.

Bae Suzy (Actress/Singer)

Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy, born October 10, 1994, in Gwangju, South Korea, is a singer, actress, and model. The 25-year-old pretty Korean singer and actress has featured in 6 Films, 12 Tv series and hosted five Television shows. The former member of Miss A, a girl group under JYP Entertainment, became famous after featuring in movies like Real(2017), The Sound of a Flower (2015), Live your Strength (2020), and Wonderland (2021). Ever since her successful film debut, she has been hailed as “The Nation’s First Love” in her country. Bae has also featured in Tv series My Love From The Star, Startup, Vagabond, and While You Were Sleeping.

Kim So-Yun (Actress)

Kim So-Yun

Kim So-Yun was born on September 6, 1989. She is a South Korean actress who comes from Namyangju, South Korea. She attended the prestigious Chung Ang University, where she studied theatre arts. Kim rose to fame in 2009 after she was featured in the popular television drama Boys Over Flowers. She has since starred in many other movies, such as Happiness in the Wind (2010), A Thousand Kisses (2011–12), Liar Game (2014), Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015), Our Gap-soon (2016–17), and Evergreen (2018).

Song Hye-Kyo (Actress)

Song Hye-Kyo

Song Hye-Kyo was born on November 22, 1981. The award-winning actress is famous for performances in television dramas Autumn in My Heart in 2000, All In in 2003, Full House in 2004, That Winter, the Wind Blows (2013), and Descendants of the Sun in 2016. Song Hye-Kyo studied theatre arts at Sejong University, South Korea. In addition, she has featured in films like The Grandmaster in 2013, My Brilliant Life in 2014, and The Queens in 2015.

Park Ji-Yeon (Actress)

Park Ji-Yeon

Jiyeon was born June 7, 1993, in Seoul, South Korea. She was a T-ara member, the best-selling girl group she joined in 2009 before going solo in 2014. The 27-year-old has also starred in various television dramas, such as Soul (2009), Master of Study (2010), Dream High (2012), and Triangle (2014).

Additionally, this award-winning actress and singer starred in various films, including Bloody Camp (2012) and Encounter (2015). 

Park Sun-young (Singer/Actress)

Park Sun-young (stage name Luna) was born on August 12, 1993. The famous South Korean singer, musical actress, and television presenter used to be part of a girl group F(X). Luna has made great strides as a musical actress by participating in original and Korean versions of stage musicals. Some include Legally Blonde, Coyote Ugly, High School Musical on Stage!, In the Heights, Rebecca, Rudolf (The Last Kiss), and Gone with The Wind. The Lightning Man’s Secret (2015) also features her.

Irene Kim (Model Influencer/Tv Presenter)

Irene Kim

Irene Kim was born in Iowa, U.S., to South Korean parents on November 6, 1987. She attended New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, bagging a degree in Textile Design. In 2012, Kim did her first runway show for Jardin de Chouette and SJYP. 

Mulberry, Ferragamo, MATCHESFASHION, MaxMara, Calvin Klein, Charles & Keith, and Chanel are designers that have asked for her services.

Irene is Estée Lauder’s Global Beauty Contributor alongside Kendall Jenner, and she is a brand ambassador for Chanel. 

In June 2018, Irene released her brand, IRENEISGOOD, which she inspired, having outlet stores in Shanghai and Seoul, South Korea. In addition, IRENEISGOOD Label released its first sneaker collaboration and pop-up with JOSHUA in Taiwan in March 2019.

Hong Ah-Reum (Actress)

Hong Ah-Reum

Hong Ah-Reum was born on March 28, 1989, in Seoul, South Korea. She studied broadcasting and entertainment at the renowned Seoul Institute of Art. Hong introduced herself to the entertainment industry in 2006 in a commercial she did for MapleStory. 

Ah-Reum Hong is a household name due to her performances in many Korean telenovelas, including Reversal of Fate, A Bird That Doesn’t Sing, and the KBS TV Novel series Samsaengi and Dal Soon’s Spring.

Lee Hanee (Model/Actress)

Lee Hanee

Lee Hanee (Honey Lee) is a South Korean actress, model, classical musician, and beauty pageant titleholder. She was born on March 2, 1983. 

Honey Lee represented her country at the global Miss Universe in 2007 and won fourth place. In addition, she has featured in several films and television series. She emerged as the winner of Miss South Korea in 2006.

Han Ye-Seul (Actress)

Han Ye-Seul

Han Ye-Seul was born on September 18, 1981, in Los Angeles, California. In 2003, the 39-year-old beautiful Korean actress made her acting debut in the sitcom Nonstop 4 and had since been active in the entertainment industry. She won the SBS supermodel contest, which inspired her to begin her modeling career, bringing her much fame. Her acting career had its ups and downs, but her performance in Couple or Trouble in 2006 helped to boost her rating as a good actress. She has since won the Grand Bell Awards and Blue Dragon Film Awards for Best New Actress for her role in the 2007 movie Miss Gold Digger.

Song Joo Ah (Model/Cosplayer)

Song Joo Ah

Joo Ah is another sexy and super hot professional racing car model from Seoul, South Korea. Born on February 18, 1985, this sexy Korean was a model at the 2016 MKF Ultimate Victor Final and Busan International Yacht Exhibition, to name a few. Her unique modeling niche gave her incredible notoriety across the Racing world.

Shin Min-a (Model/Actress)

Shin Min-a

Shin Min-a was born on April 5, 1984. She is a South Korean model and actress who is best known for her roles in A Love to Kill, My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox, Arang and the Magistrate, and Oh My Venus. Many K-drama lovers consider her their favorite, which earned her even more Tv drama acting roles.

Park Shin-Hye (Model/Singer/Actress)

Park Shin-Hye

Park Shin-Hye was born on February 18, 1990. She is best known for her appearance in Stairway to Heaven (2003). The 31-year-old beauty Queen is considered one of the most ingenious actresses from South Korea. Park rose to fame for her role on the television dramas You’re Beautiful (2009), The Heirs (2013), and Pinocchio (2014–2015). 

Park Han-Byul (Actress/Model)

Park Han-Byul

Park was born on November 17, 1984. Her rise to fame started when she was a student at Anyang Art High school. Park’s striking resemblance to actress Jun Ji-Hyun gave her online visibility as many were curious to know if they were blood relatives. 

As a result, an entertainment agency signed Park, and she made her acting debut in Wishing Stairs (2003), a horror movie. Other T.V. series appearances have since followed her, with Park featuring in several horror movies, including Two Moons and Bunshinsaba 2. 

She has three nominations and has won five awards, the latest one being the Excellent Award in Show/Sitcom, for her role in the movie Borg Mom at the MBC Entertainment Awards in 2017.

Yoon Eun-Hye (Actress/Model/Singer)

Yoon Eun-Hye

Yoon Eun-Hye is an actress, musician, and model. She was born on October 3, 1984. Yoon joined the girl group Baby Vox in 1999, spending six years there, after which she went into professional acting in 2005. She is best known for her role in Princess Hours (2006), a television drama. Other dramas she’s featured in are The Vineyard Man 2006, Coffee Prince 2007, My Fair Lady 2009, Lie to Me 2011, and Missing You in 2012.

Lim Kim (Singer/Actress)

Lim Kim

Kim (Kim Ye-rim) was born in South Korea on January 21, 1994. Kim began her singing career after forming the band Togeworl with a high school classmate Do Dae-Yoon. The group passed a New York City audition and competed in the Superstar K3 singing competition. Togeworl released their first song in 2012, which was used as a soundtrack for The Romantic, a TVN variety show.

As an actress, Kim has appeared in the drama Flower Band. 

In 2020, Lil Kim won two awards at the 17th Korean Music Awards for Best Dance& Electronic Album and Best Dance & Electronic Song.

Kim Hyo-jin (Actress/Model)

Kim Hyo-jin

Kim Hyo-jin was born on February 10, 1984, in Seoul, South Korea. Kim began as a teen magazine model before she launched her acting career. She is famous for her role in the movie Everybody Has Secrets, and I Am Happy.