Death has forgotten this man and he is over 180 years old!

“I am the oldest person in the world, I was born 181 years ago. Death has forgotten me. "


His name is Mahashta Murasi and he is a shoemaker from Varanasi in North India. He claims to have been born in 1835 and to have lived to be 181 years old. If this is true, then this man is one of the oldest people in the world and in human history. Older than him is just another unverified long liver, Mama Efisho, who was born 191 years ago in Nigeria.
Indian authorities and identity documents confirm this. But doctors cannot confirm this, as the last doctor who was with him died in 1971.
According to media reports, the shoemaker was born in Bangalore on January 6, 1835. Then, in 1903, he moved to Varansey, where he worked until he retired at 122.

“I have outlived my great-grandchildren, who died a long time ago. It seems that death has completely forgotten about me. I didn't even think about living to be 150, much less 170. I'm probably immortal. And it gives me unspeakable pleasure ”, the man thinks philosophically.